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The Dynastic Hero (US) (Wonderboy 5) and mini walkthrough

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Joined: 28 May 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:03 pm    Post subject: The Dynastic Hero (US) (Wonderboy 5) and mini walkthrough Reply with quote

I couldn't find an infinite life cheat, but I spent a while searching for this one in Cheat Engine and found the cheat that keeps invincibility enabled when you get hit. Also I found the cheat that modifies your gold amount. These cheats need Freeze value enabled to work. Also, I'm writing up a short walkthrough since I couldn't find one which should be nice for people stuck near the beginning with the ocarina and finding the Micro equipment later.

Here are the codes:


Infinite Gold 1/3

Infinite Gold 2/3

Infinite Gold 3/3

My Nifty walkthrough:

Keep going right until you reach the Village of Fairies (Lindor) Talk to the lady who lost her ocarina in the cave and press up between the two statues and talk to the fairy princess.

Leave the village and go right and enter the Cave and get the ocarina. Go back to girl and tell her and she'll teach you how to play 3 songs (using II, I, and Run buttons).

Go back to the cave to door with lock on it, stand on top of musical note floor next to it, press select and equip the ocarina to either left or right, then while standing on the musical note floor, press Run+Left or Run+Right and play the right notes.
The notes are:

Tune 1
II, Run, II, Run, II, I, II

Tune 2
Run, II, I, II, I, Run, II

Tune 3
Run, I, I, Run, II, Run, II

Beat the boss

Return to Island and talk to big fairy woman, she'll tell you to take the door that's now opened in a tree to your left.

Keep following that way, and you can now enter the city. Enter the city and go to the top of the tower and go right to visit Brenna (an important person I think).

Next Go back down the tower, and when you get to the bottom there are two doors, Go in the top door and go left to reach Lake Town (Tarron Castle) and buy some equipment and things, then go to the very bottom and go left.

You want to go left as far as you can until you need to save the kid, save him and go back to the villiage (Beetle Town) and talk to the girl, she'll say he has to follow you along and will help you out. Go Right. Here there is a lot of ruins and a Midas Inca place with a blocked door, try to enter it and your buddy will open it. Go in.

You need to get through the first section that you always start at until you get to the second section that you always start at. When you get to the second section, go left first (you can't go very far at all), then go right as far as you can and a stone door will be in your way so jump on the pull down button to open it.

This is the puzzle that leads to the boss, you need to press these in the right order and when you do, the last group of falling rocks will fall down on their own, and if you go in you will reach the boss. I don't remember the exact combination, but the first one you need to jump on is the second one.

Beat the boss and get the Trident so you can go underwater.

Go back to Lake Town and go to the top, then left (to go outside of the castle), then go right and enter the sea.

Keep going right until you have to go over top of a large treasure chest, when you get over top of it, go down and back left to get underneath that treasure chest and go up to get it (MicroArmor which you can't use yet). Keep going right getting treasure chests you can until you can't go right anymore, go up and jump out of the water and continue right to the Village of Fairies (Lindor). Go through the two states again, then left through the oak tree, then down to the bottom of the ladder and go in the door. Keep following the corridor until you reach water that you can completely fall down and enter the next sea area.

Go up to land and go keep going left at the very beginning to find the MicroSword. Keep going right getting treasure chests as you can, then go up and right when you can't go right anymore underwater. Continue right until there's ocean again but keep going right out of the water until you reach a hut, enter it and trade your ocarina to find out how to get to the Mermaid's Tear (you don't have to trade your ocarina if you already know what she says which is "Search for a secret door located between four palm trees." and you can still enter the door to get the Mermaid's Tear). Now continue right (by land not underwater) and you'll reach the four palm trees. Defeat the enemies around it and go inside the hidden door in between them to get the Mermaid's Tear. Now go back underwater and along the bottom and go all the way right to enter the shrine on the seafloor (phew).

Have fun here! Eventually you'll reach a stone person who says you must visit the Queen Bee, but first you must visit the Sphinx and you need an item hidden in this shrine to travel across the desert. Luckily when you head back, that fan that was blocking the treasure chest has stopped and you can get that item (Oasis Boots).

Now go all the way left and get out of the water, continue left along the corridor until you reach the castle. Then go in the top door and instead of going left, go right to enter Moda Desert (Danger Zone!). Equip your Oasis Boots so you can walk on the sinking ground without loosing life. Go down the sinking ground and get the treasures then kill the bats to make moving platforms to jump back out again. Keep going right outside the sinking ground area, and go down the ladder when you reach it to get a shield. Keep going down under the water to get a key. Go back up and contiunue right until you reach a door in the middle of the pyramid, enter and you'll eventually reach the Sphinx.

The Sphinx will ask you questions you need to get right. The first one is II. Nora; Second is I. 500'000 Gold; Third is R. Shima; Fourth is I. ThunderSword; Last is II. Oasis Boots. When you finish and answer all questions right you get a ThunderFlash and a key, and you are told to go to the top of the pyramid. Go outside again and go to the door to your right to get the MicroShield, then go to the door to the left of where you came out from after visiting the Sphinx to climb to the top of the pyramid. At the top, stand on the platform and press up to teleport to the sky.

Keep heading right, when you see a rolling ball coming at you, jump over it and keep going right until you reach Village of the Bees (Bard). Go down to the lower right and enter to visit the pretty Queen, she'll tell you to find the "AnciantAx" which is hidden in the Ice World, and the Bracelet will break the seal. Next go back to the castle and go into the weapons shop and buy Excalibur. Now go underground, don't go down the water exit this time and there should be another entrance that goes down that you go through and at the top there should be an ice wall. Your bracelet will break it down. Keep going right until you reach "Mantis City" (Karak). Visit all the houses and the last one will have Krik who will come along with you. Keep going right until you reach a castle where you will go down then go right.

Another place of fun o_O. Keep going until you get out and you reach a long section with ladders you have to climb up. When you reach to top go in the castle on the left to get an extra heart. Go back out and to the castle on the right to get the MicroBoots. Go back out again and into both doors in the middle and fight two giant monsters to recieve two crystals (silver and gold). Then go up to the top and go left and right to put the crystals in their spots and the door at the top will form. Go in and fight the boss and get the "AnciantAx".

Next go back to Bee Village and buy weapons! (first talk to the girl there before buying for a funny message) then go to the forge and she'll tell you the AnciantAx is actually a sword, but she'll need the "ForeverFlame" to make it. Visit the beautiful Queen again and her daughter will follow you along and you get another buddy. Now you need to go right out of Bee Village and enter the first door you get to. You will need the MicroSword, MicroArmor, MicroShield, and MicroBoots. Then enter the Volcano

Pretty straightforward, follow the path until the end until you see a chest which you can't get right now. Don't enter the house on the bottom right or you'll need to start over o_O. Instead go left and beat the creature and stand on the smallest platform which will go down a bit and turn those rocks into breakable rocks so you can get the chest above. Get the heart then go down and through the door and fight the boss.

After that, go back to Bee Village and talk to the bee forger and she will make the powerful weapon for you. Then talk to the Queen who you should probably marry since she's so beautiful. Then talk to the bee forger again and get the most powerful weapon in the game and follow the Queen's instructions and go to the castle and go to the gazebo and press up. Go right until you can go left up clouds or right up a stone passageway. Go left and jump off the farthest cloud to reach the treasure chest you couldn't get before to get an extra heart. Now go right up the stone passageway.

now follow this guide: the differences are when you reach the area with the Legendary Boots, get them first then go on platform with wheels. When you get to the Armor of Legend, go in the door, then go in the same door again to appear at the top. When you get to the Sheild of Legend, stay on the rope and at the top use Earthquake magic (but stay on the rope) and when you come back up again, jump off and get the Sheild of Legend, same thing applies for the next rope. After beating the dragon and you have to go up the platforms, when you get to the top go on the right platform of the two and deliberately fall down but get a running jump and jump off close to the bottom to reach the snake. Once you beat that snake though prepare to start jumping platforms again right away though.

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Joined: 11 May 2008
Posts: 35
Location: Alberta

PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Found a few more codes:

Heart piece modifier:
F829A5, 8
Freeze the value and you will have max hearts.

Infinite fire magic:
F82C63, 6
Freeze the value.

I haven't been able to find an infinite health cheat either.
I've tried everything I can think of.
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Joined: 11 May 2008
Posts: 35
Location: Alberta

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Alright, I've given up on this search for an infinite health cheat.
I've even gone so far as to find the addresses that pertain to your hearts.
More clearly, these values control whether or not you lose hearts from being hit by enemies they are:

F82C55 - 20
F82C56 - 20
F82C57 - 20

These addresses and values (when frozen) give you (the illusion of having) 3 full hearts.
However, even with the values frozen, your health still depletes at the same rate as if it weren't frozen and you just can't see it happen with your heart meter.

Does anyone have any ideas? It's not a biggie for me as I have already beaten the game, I just want to donate to this community.

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Joined: 14 Sep 2012
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice walkthrough. Here are some codes.

0xF82A5B:44 Deformed Look (freeze)
0xF829A0:244 Money 1
0xF829A1:0 Money 2
0xF829C5:1 Auto Potion
0x681600:8 Hearts
0x6815C0:0 No Damage (Freeze-careful when starting new game)
0xF829AF:255 All Boots
0xF829AD:255 All Armor
0xF829AC:255 All Swords
0xF829AE:255 All Shields
0xF829A5:10 Blank Hearts
0xF82D3C:8 Sonic Hero
0xF829A6:10 Fire Charge Bars (empty)
0xF82C63:12 Fire Bars (full)
0xF82C64:12 Explosion (full)
0xF829A7:12 Explosion (empty)
0xF82C65:12 Thunder (full)
0xF829A8:12 Thunder (empty)
0xF82C66:12 Power (full)
0xF829A9:12 Power (empty)
0xF82C67:12 Shield (full)
0xF829AA:12 Shield (empty)
0xF82C68:12 Return (full)
0xF829AB:12 Return (empty)
0xF82D53:28 PWR/SHD Bar (not needed)
0xF820A7:65 Bar (PWR-33,SHD-65)[Set to 65=Dynastic the untouchable]
0xF829C4:12 Charmstone
0xF829B7:1 Kufu Key
0xF829B8:1 Menkara Key
0xF829B9:1 Kafura Key

Listed Above:
0xF82C63:10 Fire Bars (full)
0xF82D4A:0 Invincible (0 none-64 always)

Some codes have been listed above already. Using the shield code, still allows trap damage and damage in the desert. I prefer it anyway since I don't prefer to be permanently blinking. The empty code allows you to use the spell without grey bars wrapping the screen if you enable a spell you have not obtained yet. Using 8 for speed lets you zip around nicely.
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