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YS Book 1&2 refuses to go past the "Just a moment..
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Joined: 21 Nov 2007
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 11:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well I still can't get any CD games to work on the MagicEngine I downloaded, but I saw a .rar file you posted somewhere on the forums called pce-ys4. That version plays all my CD games flawlessly thus far. I meant to post back here about it. So I don't know what the difference is between the versions, but one works and the other doesn't.

**Edit** My computer is a PC. Windows. The pce-ys4 does display the name of the CD on the bottom left but the version of ME I have doesn't. It's ME100 pr 5 if that helps?**End Edit**
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Joined: 26 Jul 2008
Posts: 6

PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 3:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

When I try to run the ISO from a card, I get stuck on the "Just a Moment" screen.

Alright, I'm going on my second to last legs of desperation (the final is replacing the disk which would cost $40 and I don't want to splurge unless I know for sure it it works). Here is every file I found in the rip:

Track 01.mp3
Track 02.iso
Track 03.mp3
Track 04.mp3
Track 05.mp3
Track 06.mp3
Track 07.mp3
Track 08.mp3
Track 09.mp3
Track 10.mp3
Track 11.mp3
Track 12.mp3
Track 13.mp3
Track 14.mp3
Track 14.mp3
Track 16.mp3
Track 17.mp3
Track 18.mp3
Track 19.mp3
Track 20.mp3
Track 21.mp3
Track 22.mp3
Track 23.mp3
Track 24.mp3
Track 25.mp3
Track 26.mp3
Track 27.mp3
Track 28.mp3
Track 29.mp3
Track 30.mp3
Track 31.mp3
Track 32.mp3
Track 33.mp3
Track 34.mp3
Ys Book I & II.cue

I also have another rip that has mp3s up to 43 as well as one more file called "Ys Book I & II (mp3).cue".

As I said DT will mount the .iso file, but not the .cue file.

After the .iso file is mounted, MagicEngine displays the .iso in the virtual drive as "PCE CD". Running from a system card results in my getting stuck on the "Just a Moment..." screen while running it from MagicEngine causes the emulator to simply display a black screen. I have tried formatting both cards.

In the main MagicEngine folder I have these files:
cheats (this is a folder)
patches (this is a folder)
screenshots (this is a folder)
states (this is a folder)
CD Card 2.0 (U).pce

Now, can I have step by step instructions for getting this thing to work?

This is a dump, will I have to burn it to a CD to work?

Here is my toc file, it is named "ysbook.toc".
Track 01 Audio 00:02:00 LBA=000000
Track 02 Data 00:49:71 LBA=003596
Track 03 Audio 02:44:02 LBA=012152
Track 04 Audio 04:47:41 LBA=021416
Track 05 Audio 06:51:02 LBA=030677
Track 06 Audio 08:57:24 LBA=040149
Track 07 Audio 11:02:27 LBA=049527
Track 08 Audio 12:54:15 LBA=057915
Track 09 Audio 15:01:57 LBA=067482
Track 10 Audio 17:23:45 LBA=078120
Track 11 Audio 19:42:36 LBA=088536
Track 12 Audio 21:54:07 LBA=098407
Track 13 Audio 23:52:65 LBA=107315
Track 14 Audio 25:52:29 LBA=116279
Track 15 Audio 28:53:03 LBA=129828
Track 16 Audio 31:50:53 LBA=143153
Track 17 Audio 34:14:66 LBA=153966
Track 18 Audio 35:55:21 LBA=161496
Track 19 Audio 38:17:71 LBA=172196
Track 20 Audio 39:56:59 LBA=179609
Track 21 Audio 44:56:53 LBA=202103
Track 22 Audio 47:41:51 LBA=214476
Track 23 Audio 49:36:09 LBA=223059
Track 24 Audio 51:33:25 LBA=231850
Track 25 Audio 52:36:35 LBA=236585
Track 26 Audio 54:49:64 LBA=246589
Track 27 Audio 57:35:46 LBA=259021
Track 28 Audio 60:48:35 LBA=273485
Track 29 Audio 61:47:16 LBA=277891
Track 30 Audio 62:05:67 LBA=279292
Track 31 Audio 63:05:70 LBA=283795
Track 32 Audio 63:46:04 LBA=286804
Track 33 Audio 64:08:27 LBA=288477
Track 34 Audio 64:27:44 LBA=289919
Track 35 Audio 65:01:06 LBA=292431
Track 36 Audio 65:11:72 LBA=293247
Track 37 Audio 66:17:26 LBA=298151
Track 38 Audio 67:28:44 LBA=303494
Track 39 Audio 68:34:23 LBA=308423
Track 40 Audio 68:49:37 LBA=309562
Track 41 Audio 69:37:10 LBA=313135
Track 42 Audio 70:52:48 LBA=318798
Track 43 Audio 71:31:72 LBA=321747

And this isn't illegal by the way, it's just that my old disk is scratched beyond repair.
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