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New dub project for real I need help with adpcm extraction
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Joined: 08 Aug 2011
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:04 am    Post subject: New dub project for real I need help with adpcm extraction Reply with quote


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David Shadoff

Joined: 10 May 2002
Posts: 83
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't have any information on Ys 3, but I do have the information for Ys 4 on where the ADPCM stuff is located. But this is all based on an extract where the data track is separate (not just monolithic bin/cue, but separate files per-track), and the binary data is extracted as MODE1/FORM1 2048-byte sectors.

You would have to make the dub fit in the same amount of time as the original (and deal with any lipsynching issues) because I can't adjust timing.

As I recall, the music of Redmont and so on are PSG chiptunes, and not extractable in the same way. However, if you need them reproduced for the purposes of mixing with voice, you might be able to find them in HES format.

Try one of these:
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Joined: 08 Aug 2011
Posts: 12

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


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David Shadoff

Joined: 10 May 2002
Posts: 83
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 3:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As for how to extract the chiptunes, that's not my specialty. Perhaps somebody on the sites I listed previously could explain more.

For Ys4, I believe I have a list of 273 ADPCM items (plus maybe 15 or so which are not used). (Not sure whether I can post a list that large here... but I'll try).

Here is my batch file:

ADPCM %ISO% 0x2001000 0x002A6A 15780 YS4_001_2001000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2003A6A 0x002D96 15780 YS4_002_2003A6A.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2006800 0x003000 15780 YS4_003_2006800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2009800 0x003000 15780 YS4_004_2009800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x200C800 0x003800 15780 YS4_005_200C800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2010000 0x005000 15780 YS4_006_2010000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2015000 0x006800 15780 YS4_007_2015000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x201B800 0x007000 15780 YS4_008_201B800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2022800 0x006000 15780 YS4_009_2022800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2028800 0x002000 15780 YS4_010_2028800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x202A800 0x007800 15780 YS4_011_202A800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2032000 0x006000 15780 YS4_012_2032000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2038000 0x006800 15780 YS4_013_2038000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x203E800 0x007800 15780 YS4_014_203E800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2046000 0x006000 15780 YS4_015_2046000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x204C000 0x007800 15780 YS4_016_204C000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2053800 0x006800 15780 YS4_017_2053800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x205A000 0x006800 15780 YS4_018_205A000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2060800 0x005000 15780 YS4_019_2060800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2065800 0x006800 15780 YS4_020_2065800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x206C000 0x000E6D 15780 YS4_021_206C000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x206CE6D 0x001193 15780 YS4_022_206CE6D.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x206E000 0x003E98 15780 YS4_023_206E000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2071E98 0x003968 15780 YS4_024_2071E98.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2075800 0x002EEF 15780 YS4_025_2075800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20786EF 0x002911 15780 YS4_026_20786EF.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x207B000 0x000CEF 15780 YS4_027_207B000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x207BCEF 0x001B11 15780 YS4_028_207BCEF.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x207D800 0x004800 15780 YS4_029_207D800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2082000 0x006000 15780 YS4_030_2082000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2088000 0x005000 15780 YS4_031_2088000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x208D000 0x01E000 15780 YS4_032_208D000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20AB000 0x013800 15780 YS4_033_20AB000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20BE800 0x004000 15780 YS4_034_20BE800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20C2800 0x003800 15780 YS4_035_20C2800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20C6000 0x003000 15780 YS4_036_20C6000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20C9000 0x002800 15780 YS4_037_20C9000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20CB800 0x003800 15780 YS4_038_20CB800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20CF000 0x001000 15780 YS4_039_20CF000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20D0000 0x004000 15780 YS4_040_20D0000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20D4000 0x006800 15780 YS4_041_20D4000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20DA800 0x001000 15780 YS4_042_20DA800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20DB800 0x001000 15780 YS4_043_20DB800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20DC800 0x001000 15780 YS4_044_20DC800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20DD800 0x002800 15780 YS4_045_20DD800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20E0000 0x006000 15780 YS4_046_20E0000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20E6000 0x003000 15780 YS4_047_20E6000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20E9000 0x004000 15780 YS4_048_20E9000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20ED000 0x004000 15780 YS4_049_20ED000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20F1000 0x003800 15780 YS4_050_20F1000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x20F4800 0x044800 15780 YS4_051_20F4800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2139000 0x05F800 15780 YS4_052_2139000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2198800 0x024000 15780 YS4_053_2198800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x21BC800 0x021800 15780 YS4_054_21BC800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x21DE000 0x002000 15780 YS4_055_21DE000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x21E0000 0x008800 15780 YS4_056_21E0000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x21E8800 0x00D000 15780 YS4_057_21E8800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x21F5800 0x00D800 15780 YS4_058_21F5800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2203000 0x00C800 15780 YS4_059_2203000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x220F800 0x00B000 15780 YS4_060_220F800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x221A800 0x028000 15780 YS4_061_221A800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2242800 0x01D800 15780 YS4_062_2242800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2260000 0x01C800 15780 YS4_063_2260000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x227C800 0x027800 15780 YS4_064_227C800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x22A4000 0x04F000 15780 YS4_065_22A4000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x22F3000 0x054000 15780 YS4_066_22F3000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2347000 0x003000 15780 YS4_067_2347000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x234A000 0x006000 15780 YS4_068_234A000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2350000 0x007000 15780 YS4_069_2350000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2357000 0x00C800 15780 YS4_070_2357000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2363800 0x006000 15780 YS4_071_2363800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2369800 0x016800 15780 YS4_072_2369800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2380000 0x00F000 15780 YS4_073_2380000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x238F000 0x007800 15780 YS4_074_238F000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2396800 0x019000 15780 YS4_075_2396800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x23AF800 0x026000 15780 YS4_076_23AF800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x23D5800 0x009800 15780 YS4_077_23D5800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x23DF000 0x015000 15780 YS4_078_23DF000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x23F4000 0x005800 15780 YS4_079_23F4000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x23F9800 0x016000 15780 YS4_080_23F9800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x240F800 0x006800 15780 YS4_081_240F800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2416000 0x023800 15780 YS4_082_2416000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2439800 0x00A000 15780 YS4_083_2439800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2443800 0x00D800 15780 YS4_084_2443800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2451000 0x005800 15780 YS4_085_2451000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2456800 0x011000 15780 YS4_086_2456800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2467800 0x008000 15780 YS4_087_2467800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x246F800 0x00C800 15780 YS4_088_246F800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x247C000 0x147000 15780 YS4_089_247C000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x25C3000 0x036000 15780 YS4_090_25C3000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x25F9000 0x028800 15780 YS4_091_25F9000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2621800 0x017800 15780 YS4_092_2621800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2639000 0x012000 15780 YS4_093_2639000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x264B000 0x05C000 15780 YS4_094_264B000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x26A7000 0x036000 15780 YS4_095_26A7000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x26DD000 0x039000 15780 YS4_096_26DD000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2716000 0x00A800 15780 YS4_097_2716000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2720800 0x007800 15780 YS4_098_2720800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2728000 0x04A000 15780 YS4_099_2728000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2772000 0x00B000 15780 YS4_100_2772000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x277D000 0x002800 15780 YS4_101_277D000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x277F800 0x00F000 15780 YS4_102_277F800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x278E800 0x00C000 15780 YS4_103_278E800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x279A800 0x016000 15780 YS4_104_279A800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x27B0800 0x033800 15780 YS4_105_27B0800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x27E4000 0x024000 15780 YS4_106_27E4000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2808000 0x01A000 15780 YS4_107_2808000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2822000 0x017800 15780 YS4_108_2822000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2839800 0x001000 15780 YS4_109_2839800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x283A800 0x001800 15780 YS4_110_283A800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x283C000 0x069800 15780 YS4_111_283C000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x28A5800 0x030800 15780 YS4_112_28A5800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x28D6000 0x101800 15780 YS4_113_28D6000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x29D7800 0x00C800 15780 YS4_114_29D7800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x29E4000 0x007800 15780 YS4_115_29E4000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x29EB800 0x008800 15780 YS4_116_29EB800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x29F4000 0x02C800 15780 YS4_117_29F4000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2A20800 0x033800 15780 YS4_118_2A20800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2A54000 0x011800 15780 YS4_119_2A54000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2A65800 0x028800 15780 YS4_120_2A65800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2A8E000 0x0DE000 15780 YS4_121_2A8E000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2B6C000 0x019800 15780 YS4_122_2B6C000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2B85800 0x01E800 15780 YS4_123_2B85800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2BA4000 0x00B800 15780 YS4_124_2BA4000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2BAF800 0x00F800 15780 YS4_125_2BAF800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2BBF000 0x016000 15780 YS4_126_2BBF000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2BD5000 0x007800 15780 YS4_127_2BD5000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2BDC800 0x01C800 15780 YS4_128_2BDC800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2BF9000 0x004800 15780 YS4_129_2BF9000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2BFD800 0x008000 15780 YS4_130_2BFD800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2C05800 0x00C000 15780 YS4_131_2C05800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2C11800 0x00D800 15780 YS4_132_2C11800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2C1F000 0x002800 15780 YS4_133_2C1F000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2C21800 0x02C000 15780 YS4_134_2C21800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2C4D800 0x11F800 15780 YS4_135_2C4D800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2D6D000 0x06D000 15780 YS4_136_2D6D000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2DDA000 0x030800 15780 YS4_137_2DDA000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E0A800 0x009800 15780 YS4_138_2E0A800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E14000 0x00A800 15780 YS4_139_2E14000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E1E800 0x00B000 15780 YS4_140_2E1E800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E29800 0x005800 15780 YS4_141_2E29800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E2F000 0x004000 15780 YS4_142_2E2F000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E33000 0x004800 15780 YS4_143_2E33000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E37800 0x00A000 15780 YS4_144_2E37800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E41800 0x005800 15780 YS4_145_2E41800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E47000 0x002000 15780 YS4_146_2E47000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E49000 0x009000 15780 YS4_147_2E49000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E52000 0x013800 15780 YS4_148_2E52000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E65800 0x00F800 15780 YS4_149_2E65800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E75000 0x008800 15780 YS4_150_2E75000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E7D800 0x009800 15780 YS4_151_2E7D800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E87000 0x00D800 15780 YS4_152_2E87000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2E94800 0x039000 15780 YS4_153_2E94800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2ECD800 0x00D000 15780 YS4_154_2ECD800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2EDA800 0x00B800 15780 YS4_155_2EDA800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2EE6000 0x00B000 15780 YS4_156_2EE6000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2EF1000 0x00B000 15780 YS4_157_2EF1000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2EFC000 0x034000 15780 YS4_158_2EFC000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2F30000 0x007000 15780 YS4_159_2F30000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2F37000 0x005800 15780 YS4_160_2F37000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2F3C800 0x01A000 15780 YS4_161_2F3C800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2F56800 0x00A800 15780 YS4_162_2F56800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2F61000 0x010800 15780 YS4_163_2F61000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2F71800 0x019800 15780 YS4_164_2F71800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2F8B000 0x037800 15780 YS4_165_2F8B000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2FC2800 0x00A800 15780 YS4_166_2FC2800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2FCD000 0x005800 15780 YS4_167_2FCD000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2FD2800 0x00B000 15780 YS4_168_2FD2800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2FDD800 0x00A000 15780 YS4_169_2FDD800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2FE7800 0x004800 15780 YS4_170_2FE7800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x2FEC000 0x024000 15780 YS4_171_2FEC000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3010000 0x003800 15780 YS4_172_3010000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3013800 0x009000 15780 YS4_173_3013800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x301C800 0x004800 15780 YS4_174_301C800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3021000 0x003000 15780 YS4_175_3021000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3024000 0x035000 15780 YS4_176_3024000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3059000 0x00B000 15780 YS4_177_3059000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3064000 0x001800 15780 YS4_178_3064000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3065800 0x038000 15780 YS4_179_3065800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x309D800 0x03F000 15780 YS4_180_309D800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x30DC800 0x047000 15780 YS4_181_30DC800.WAV 15

REM Below are not used, according to Deuce.
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x3123800 0x01F800 15780 YS4_182_3123800.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x3143000 0x022000 15780 YS4_183_3143000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x3165000 0x006000 15780 YS4_184_3165000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x316B000 0x02C800 15780 YS4_185_316B000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x3197800 0x005000 15780 YS4_186_3197800.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x319C800 0x018000 15780 YS4_187_319C800.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x31B4800 0x011800 15780 YS4_188_31B4800.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x31C6000 0x00B000 15780 YS4_189_31C6000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x31D1000 0x01B800 15780 YS4_190_31D1000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x31EC800 0x011800 15780 YS4_191_31EC800.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x31FE000 0x012000 15780 YS4_192_31FE000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x3210000 0x006000 15780 YS4_193_3210000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x3216000 0x010000 15780 YS4_194_3216000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x3226000 0x00E000 15780 YS4_195_3226000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x3234000 0x00F800 15780 YS4_196_3234000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x3243800 0x019000 15780 YS4_197_3243800.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x325C800 0x001800 15780 YS4_198_325C800.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x325E000 0x01D000 15780 YS4_199_325E000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x327B000 0x01F800 15780 YS4_200_327B000.WAV 15
REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x329A800 0x00A000 15780 YS4_201_329A800.WAV 15

ADPCM %ISO% 0x32A4800 0x09D000 15780 YS4_202_32A4800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3341800 0x03C800 15780 YS4_203_3341800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x337E000 0x006800 15780 YS4_204_337E000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3384800 0x014000 15780 YS4_205_3384800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3398800 0x014000 15780 YS4_206_3398800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x33AC800 0x003800 15780 YS4_207_33AC800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x33B0000 0x064000 15780 YS4_208_33B0000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3414000 0x075000 15780 YS4_209_3414000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3489000 0x028000 15780 YS4_210_3489000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x34B1000 0x026000 15780 YS4_211_34B1000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x34D7000 0x007800 15780 YS4_212_34D7000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x34DE800 0x015800 15780 YS4_213_34DE800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x34F4000 0x00C800 15780 YS4_214_34F4000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3500800 0x004000 15780 YS4_215_3500800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3504800 0x007000 15780 YS4_216_3504800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x350B800 0x006800 15780 YS4_217_350B800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3512000 0x01E800 15780 YS4_218_3512000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3530800 0x002000 15780 YS4_219_3530800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3532800 0x002800 15780 YS4_220_3532800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3535000 0x00B800 15780 YS4_221_3535000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3540800 0x015800 15780 YS4_222_3540800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3556000 0x004800 15780 YS4_223_3556000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x355A800 0x001800 15780 YS4_224_355A800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x355C000 0x027800 15780 YS4_225_355C000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3583800 0x0EB000 15780 YS4_226_3583800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x366E800 0x01B800 15780 YS4_227_366E800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x368A000 0x009000 15780 YS4_228_368A000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3693000 0x01D000 15780 YS4_229_3693000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x36B0000 0x00D800 15780 YS4_230_36B0000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x36BD800 0x095000 15780 YS4_231_36BD800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3752800 0x002000 15780 YS4_232_3752800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3754800 0x020000 15780 YS4_233_3754800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3774800 0x00D800 15780 YS4_234_3774800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3782000 0x009000 15780 YS4_235_3782000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x378B000 0x004000 15780 YS4_236_378B000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x378F000 0x00E000 15780 YS4_237_378F000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x379D000 0x011000 15780 YS4_238_379D000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x37AE000 0x017000 15780 YS4_239_37AE000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x37C5000 0x004800 15780 YS4_240_37C5000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x37C9800 0x003800 15780 YS4_241_37C9800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x37CD000 0x00A800 15780 YS4_242_37CD000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x37D7800 0x009800 15780 YS4_243_37D7800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x37E1000 0x003800 15780 YS4_244_37E1000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x37E4800 0x007000 15780 YS4_245_37E4800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x37EB800 0x034000 15780 YS4_246_37EB800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x381F800 0x00D000 15780 YS4_247_381F800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x382C800 0x00A000 15780 YS4_248_382C800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3836800 0x005000 15780 YS4_249_3836800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x383B800 0x011800 15780 YS4_250_383B800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x384D000 0x002000 15780 YS4_251_384D000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x384F000 0x016800 15780 YS4_252_384F000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3865800 0x011000 15780 YS4_253_3865800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3876800 0x011800 15780 YS4_254_3876800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3888000 0x015800 15780 YS4_255_3888000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x389D800 0x005800 15780 YS4_256_389D800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x38A3000 0x06E000 15780 YS4_257_38A3000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3911000 0x03F000 15780 YS4_258_3911000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3950000 0x013800 15780 YS4_259_3950000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3963800 0x041800 15780 YS4_260_3963800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x39A5000 0x058000 15780 YS4_261_39A5000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x39FD000 0x04B800 15780 YS4_262_39FD000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3A48800 0x05A800 15780 YS4_263_3A48800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3AA3000 0x02E000 15780 YS4_264_3AA3000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3AD1000 0x05E800 15780 YS4_265_3AD1000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3B2F800 0x02D800 15780 YS4_266_3B2F800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3B5D000 0x004000 15780 YS4_267_3B5D000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3B61000 0x004000 15780 YS4_268_3B61000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3B65000 0x011000 15780 YS4_269_3B65000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3B76000 0x008000 15780 YS4_270_3B76000.WAV 15

REM ADPCM %ISO% 0x3B7E000 0x017800 15780 YS4_271_3B7E000.WAV 15

ADPCM %ISO% 0x3B95800 0x03C800 15780 YS4_272_3B95800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3BD2000 0x003000 15780 YS4_273_3BD2000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3BD5000 0x017000 15780 YS4_274_3BD5000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3BEC000 0x024000 15780 YS4_275_3BEC000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3C10000 0x04E800 15780 YS4_276_3C10000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3C5E800 0x002800 15780 YS4_277_3C5E800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3C61000 0x004000 15780 YS4_278_3C61000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3C65000 0x00D000 15780 YS4_279_3C65000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3C72000 0x005000 15780 YS4_280_3C72000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3C77000 0x01D000 15780 YS4_281_3C77000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3C94000 0x021800 15780 YS4_282_3C94000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3CB5800 0x00F800 15780 YS4_283_3CB5800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3CC5000 0x018000 15780 YS4_284_3CC5000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3CDD000 0x011000 15780 YS4_285_3CDD000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3CEE000 0x01A000 15780 YS4_286_3CEE000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3D08000 0x005800 15780 YS4_287_3D08000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3D0D800 0x009800 15780 YS4_288_3D0D800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3D17000 0x003800 15780 YS4_289_3D17000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3D1A800 0x00A000 15780 YS4_290_3D1A800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3D24800 0x00A000 15780 YS4_291_3D24800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3D2E800 0x06A000 15780 YS4_292_3D2E800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3D98800 0x02B800 15780 YS4_293_3D98800.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3DC4000 0x0D4800 15780 YS4_294_3DC4000.WAV 15
ADPCM %ISO% 0x3E98800 0x04C000 15780 YS4_295_3E98800.WAV 15
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I know this is a bit premature, but does this mean that we could be seeing an actual voice translation for Ys IV at some point in the near or distant future? I know this was attempted once before, but it was never completed. The guy's username at Ancient Land of Ys is geemac32bitmkii, and this is the thread Maybe you could try getting in contact with him too.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm doing the fan translation of Legend of Xanadu II right now, and we're doing a dub of the voiced cutscenes. I have a crew of amateur voice actors who have basically given me all the takes I need for a complete dub, but the quality is...well, distinctly amateur. In particular, there are a couple of parts that I just couldn't get good people for.

Legend of Xanadu II has virtually no ADPCM; it's all straight CD audio tracks, and it's incredibly easy to work with for a dub. Consider showing this game to them, and if they're interested, let me know. I have a complete script, and a pre-mastered mix of an amateur dub with all the timings worked out already. I could mix in new takes in minutes.

Email me at for more info. I can let you listen to a preview of what I've got if you're interested.

FYI, the translation project has been on the down-low while the programmer deals with re-inserting the English script (which is finished). However, it is still going strong.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

elconejotres wrote:
Well yeah in an early stage but that's the idea, these guys dubbed Dragon Ball Z when it was transmited in my country and they win a prize for the quality of the dub, yes I'm aware of that project but this is real, we don't need castings or something because we have all we need for the dubs, I just need a way to extract PSG chiptunes HES Format and a way to reinsert them, if we can have that, the dub will be ready in less than two months.

I can't help in that department as I have little knowledge of the inner workings of PCE CD-Roms. But you might try getting in touch with Nightwolve. I'm not sure if he'll be able to help or not, but it doesn't hurt to ask. His website is located here: About seven years ago when he first released the text translation of Ys IV, he and Justus had plans to do an audio dub, but the project fell through, I'm not sure why.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's awesome that you got professionals to work on the project. I think the reason it failed more than once already is because the re-inserted track has to be the exact same size and length as the one extracted. Precision work like that would take professionals. I know Nightwolve knows something about PCE CD-Roms as he translated Xak III, not to mention Ys IV, and he was going to work with Justus on the Ys IV dubs the first time. So he will probably be your best bet. I wish I could do more. If you need a beta tester when the time comes, let me know as it will give me another excuse to play through it.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


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PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I still don't understand why you want to extract the PSG tunes and reinsert them in the game. What will that achieve?

Do you need them to provide background music in your dubbed dialogues? In which case, you can simply play/record the already available HES tracks in players like Winamp or Foobar, and mix them in your ADPCM files.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

David, *ahem*, I believe you mean *my* YsIV ADPCM batch file. As some know, I've been trying to hand this project off to someone for a long time, last time it was Arjak, but time and situation hasn't permitted me to do much of anything these days. I since learned that the Legend of Xanadu II team was working on a dub so eventually I'll like to hand off everything I have to them, that is: the batch stuff David posted, the Darm opening wave file that's wonderfully dubbed by Justus Johnston back when he was trying to get the project going, etc. instructions/tips, etc. It just needs someone to manage a team to do the recordings. All the technical stuff David and I took care of long time ago (Dave with his ADPCM tools). Oh yeah, while all of the dubbing is translated and included in the Ys IV patch, the projects requires someone to match up the translation to the audio files. That never got done.

I was gonna contact EsperKnight, but I guess you're the guy to talk to then, SamIAm. Maybe this year if you're interested and your dubbing project gets finished (and hopefully is not too laughable - that's one of the reasons Justus quit, "amateurish" results he felt).

SamIAm wrote:
no ADPCM; it's all straight CD audio tracks, and it's incredibly easy to work with for a dub.

Yeah, that's not a problem here. David's ADPCM tools take care of that. The 'get' tool extracts the ADPCM clip and converts it to a basic wave file. You record in the same format then use the 'put' tool to insert it back or make a adpcm file for distribution. Those 2 batch files of mine take care of all that. The project just needs someone that'll see it through to the end.

If someone actually completed the project, I would take care of packaging it all into a patch afterwards. I'm willing to go that far when time permits. Just FYI, I am still not ready or willing to resume any sort of work on such projects at this time. Towards the end of this year possibly, maybe, but just not right now. I'm glad to see there is interest in seeing this through - I'd love to play Ys IV again sometime ENTIRELY in English! I think it's the music more than anything else that gives me fond memories of the Ys series. The games themselves were all pretty short, short but sweet. Anyways, take it Ysssy, for now. ;)
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David Shadoff

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oops, yes - I meant "the batch file which was sitting in the project folder on my hard disk"... it was created by NightWolve.
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