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Ahoy from a landlubber!

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Ser StuffNPuff

Joined: 04 Oct 2014
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 3:53 am    Post subject: Ahoy from a landlubber! Reply with quote

Hey everyone! I'm kind of new here. I'm really interested in playing Cosmic Fantasy for the MagicEngine. A few questions...

1. How do I play the game on the emulator? Will it only play if I actually own the TurboGrafx CD? I never bought Cosmic Fantasy 2 but saw ads for it countless times as a kid and really wanted to try it... Most of these games are no longer in production and unavailable for purchase.

2. How do I register/pay for the emulator? Can I just mail some money to the creator directly or something?

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

IDK what to say.

0A. I own the original PCE games, as well as the SEGA Megadrive remix. Two different games entirely. Your pretty much playing the games for the original presentation and the Genesis is kind of downgraded but also slightly upgraded. It is mostly your typical RPG with a big story and all. The bonus is the cut scenes, if any.

1. In order to play the game you need a CD-rom drive to load the disc.
Most generic DVD drives should work fine as well. However some of these drives might scratch up the disc. Do not ever put your PCE discs in side any PS2 Mini consoles and disc scratching will occur. The real PCE machines are very touchy with discs

1A. Some how you dumped the rom/img you can use a disc imaging tool like Daemon and that might work. However it might not run at 100% as CD games can lock up from time to time.

1B. The PCE can play backups but sometimes the game will lock up and display errors. So i suggest official discs. Avoid playing the official discs in other devices asides for original PCE CD-ROM.

2. The emulator works temporally but exits after awhile. However I strongly urge you just to make a donation, as it is really nice and efficient.

2A. A free emulator Medifen ( is that is what it is called I forget ) also exists and is able to load both img and discs of PCE games. In fact people use this emulator for debugging of games over Magic
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