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TurboRipV1.42:The PCE/TG-16 CD ISO/WAV/CUE Ripper [X/X/2018]
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:03 am    Post subject: Re: TurboRip v1.40 now released [8/7/2015]!!! Reply with quote

Hey guys, I just went live with a new version of TurboRip v1.40 that fixed/improved several things and added new TOCs for the NEC PC-FX to coincide with the release of the Zeroigar English fan translation patch by elmer and SamIAm!! Hoping to see feedback from people with original CD-ROMs of PCE or PCFX games!

What's trippy for me is after I got it working on Windows 98SE, I went to my Winbook 7" tablet that I just upgraded to Windows 10, plugged in my USB hub, a DVD drive connected via USB, brought TurboRip over on a USB memory stick, started it, and with a Xak III CD-ROM, I always able to rip it however I wanted, ISO/WAV/CUE, or encoded to MP3 just to listen to the audio tracks, or even in ISO/APE/CUE for archival/backup purposes! :) Same behavior on Win98SE to WinVista and on to Win10, etc.! Just hard to believe it could be coded universal enough and work on all Windows flavors, past, and right up to the present! And it's coded in "C" and some Intel x86 Assembly like real men used to code, not in some slow ass Java crap!!! :P

This will be the universal download link:

And here's a look at the changelog:

Version 1.40 (8/8/2015):

+ Uses the Native NT SCSI Library for NT/2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10 platforms! No more
dependency on an ASPI DLL and none of the problems associated with it!!!

+ Certified, tested, approved for use all the way back to Windows 98SE for the
"retro" in you, as well as all the way to the present with the new arrival
of Windows 10!!!! Even I find it hard to believe it works in all of them!!!

+ Improved skipping of unreadable data sectors near postgap area transition.
If you had trouble reading some PC Engine/TG-16 discs, this should help.

+ Major Command Prompt interface enhancement: TurboRip can now be fully run by
double-clicking it anywhere in Windows Explorer! The user no longer has to
first open a Command Prompt window and then CD to the folder where it is
located in order to enter parameters! User will be prompted for parameters
if none were detected when TurboRip is executed/double-clicked!! A troll on
the Ancient Land of Ys forums once barked, "How do you use this F#!K1NG!
PROGRAM?!?!?!?!" having never encountered command-line programs before and
not knowing how to first open a Command Prompt before using it... Short of
a future Windows GUI version, this enhancement solves that issue! Of course
you can't fix stupid nor those who couldn't bother to read instructions...

+ By request, the TOC CD-ROM data of NEC PC-FX videogames (50 out of 80) were
added to coincide with the release of the "Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar" English
fan translation patch on 8/8/2015!! Only games such as Zeroigar (a shooter)
were added that "OBEY" the standard mixed-mode CD-ROM rules which can
accurately be ripped by TurboRip (The next version will have all 80!).

+ Added CD-TEXT support! Some music audio discs can have track file names and
other info such as artist, composer, genre, etc. burned into the "Lead-in"
area of the disc. Unfortunately, it's rare to find discs using this feature
because it arrived towards the end of the CD format's life, but I thought
I'd add support for it nonetheless! You still have CDDB of course. (You can
think of this feature as CDDB BTW, but that the album data/info is actually
burned into the disc so you don't need a program to do a CDDB look-up over
the Internet to obtain it.)

+ Added CD-EXTRA support! If your music audio disc carries an "Enhanced CD"
label, then it's really a multi-session disc that comes in three possible
forms, both with audio tracks and a MODE2 data track that can include music
videos, interviews with the band, whatever, etc. So, I've added support for
ripping the one format that I know of for now. I happen to have some of
these discs, so I wanted to make TurboRip work with them. Unlike with
CD-TEXT, music audio discs such as these are more common.

+ Various performance enhancements in interface, behavior, coding were made to
really make this app as great as it should be!! However, index/gap detection
by reading the "Q" subchannel failed to make it in this version. Stay tuned!

+ To reduce the size of TurboRip, all third-party components for MP3 (LAME)
and APE are now zipped within TurboRip and extracted/unzipped on demand.

+ When using the /APE parameter for perfect CD backups, support files are now
extracted to easily decompress APE files back to WAVE when needed! Simply
double-clicking the "APE_TO_WAVE.bat" batch file will do the trick!

+ The default (2004) Monkey’s Audio (APE) codec no longer requires the
Unicode layer to work on Windows 98SE, so TurboRip fully works with both its
APE and MP3 codecs on a clean install of all Windows flavors!!! :)

+ Bug fix: I noticed on Windows XP that as TurboRip read sectors from a CD/DVD
drive connected via USB or FireWire, it could actually lose the connection!!
This could happen consistently when you ALT+TAB'ed to switch to another app!
I found the solution was to raise the Process Priority of TurboRip to HIGH!
Normally, disc burning software will raise the Process Priority to HIGH as
well when *burning* a disc which makes sense, and so with all that, I now
ALWAYS set TurboRip's priority to HIGH to avoid the bug with external drives
AND speed up the ripping time - it might as well live up to its name!! :)

+ Bug fix: Fixed a drive selection bug in Windows 98SE when selecting a drive
number from the prompt menu.

+ Fixed issue that caused "Linda ³ (J)" to be excluded from the TOC database.
Squaresoft74's use of the fancy superscript "3" was the culprit...

+ If all CD tracks are audio, it's a music CD (not videogame!) so messages
like "Note: No videogame CD-ROM was detected." were eliminated.

+ The track file-naming style was changed to put the track # (01-99) first.
This is better for sorting and viewing the CD image file set I think.

+ TurboRip no longer installs its own ASPI layer for Win9X/ME, it instead just
relies on the default Adaptec ASPI layer. Compatibility is still maintained!

+ TurboRip sets the TOP_MOST flag 'on' of the Command Prompt window so it can
never be hidden behind other windows until it is closed or minimized.

+ Bug fix: Fixed a minor bug that caused the /name parameter to be overwritten
when the last parameter specified was /useaspi or if any other text was
mistakenly typed at the Command Prompt.

Translation Projects: Xak 3, Ys 4, Ys 1&2 Complete
Boycott XSEED Games!
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