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Shiryou Sensen (J)

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:09 am    Post subject: Shiryou Sensen (J) Reply with quote

Somewhat frustrating Japanese RPG.

F82037:255 Max Life (freeze for infinite)
0F8203:255 XP Lower Digits (Freeze for Faster Level)
F8203A:255 Max MF (freeze for infinite)
F82040:255 Ammo (out of 999)
F8340A:31 Invincibility
F833E7:0 No Random Encounters/End Random Encounter
F82AED:255 (Have raft equipped/Freeze to be able to use it anywhere-this may eliminate any real raft you have on the overworld-also seems to diminish random encounters)
F82B00:0 Walk through Walls

Questionable codes that may be useful
F8372A:255 Hospital Door Key (flag item-255 will not work out of order anyway)
F829AB:255 Hospital Door Open (Nurse will not speak, and flags will not change-pointless)

In addition, not listed but easy to find, if you want to change your equipped weapon, the guns are 0-7 for the 8 weapons, this bypasses the need to have obtained it. Search 0 for knife, 1 for pistol, increasing to 7 for the bazooka (4 is probably best overall bulletwise/damage and for most enemies including last boss)

Keep XP below 9999 unless you intend to avoid all xp orbs and use no random throughout. Anything past 9999 brings life to 000 (you are punished) and makes you dependent on max hp code for the rest of the game/until fixed. I recommend playing fairly-use no random to make moving around less of a hassle. There is a related code, Max level (9999xp is 10, past it is 11, so look for that)

This is a very flag driven game-very little wiggle room for free progression.

The walk thru makes the permanent raft code meaningless. Item codes may not be helpful since most items are used when the flags determine it is time to do so. Consumables are 1-3 (potion, first aid, stress pills). Freezing an item and using it triggers a bug where you have all obtainable items, if late in the game, it may trigger all remaining flags-otherwise I think the change is cosmetic)

I could not find any speed walk codes. Movement is by 8 pixels/1 unit, but i could not find any. If anyone finds/has these it would be appreciated.
A map warp code/guide would also be helpful. Not sure how to go about finding the latter- the coordinate system seems to have several levels.
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